Join the lab

We welcome inquiries from highly talented and motivated students and postdocs interested in genome organization and functions, and with a strong motivation for interdisciplinary research

We currently have openings:

Postdoctoral fellow positions (wet or dry) → see job description.
We are open to applications from candidates with a background in any of the following:

  • modeling/simulation: theoretical biophysics (e.g. polymer), computer science, applied math
  • microscopy: live-cell imaging, single-molecule tracking and super-resolution methods
  • bench work experience in chromosome conformation capture, transcription, chromatin biology

Engineer position in image analysis

We are looking for an engineer to work on:

  • Highly quantitative approaches for live- and fixed-cell microscopy image analysis (single-molecule localization, multiple-target tracking, sub-pixel segmentation, optical flow...)
  • Automation and high-throughput analysis
  • Software development & distribution. Data management

Possible internships for Master 2 or engineering school students

  • Internship 1: "Polymer modeling of chromosome conformation" → see [PDF].

  • Internship 2: "Analysis of super-resolution microscopy data using signal theory and stochastic processes" → see [PDF].

  • Internship 3: Implementing the open-source NanoJ-Fluidics / Pumpy system (Arduino- and LEGO-based) for multimodal live and super-resolution microscopy. (See also Almada et al.)

  • Insternship 4: "Single-plane illumination for single-molecule microscopy​" in collaboration with Ignacio Izeddin (ESPCI) → see [PDF].


If you are interested in joining the lab, please send an email to