Lab members

Antoine Coulon
Group leader

CNRS researcher

Julia Ronsch

Maciej Kerlin
PhD student

Ilham Ladid

Shared with the Drinnenberg lab.

Veer Keizer
Postdoctoral fellow

Joint project with the Dahan/Coppey
Fachinetti labs.

Kyra Borgman
Postdoctoral fellow

Vittore Scolari
Postdoctoral fellow

Maxime Woringer
Research engineer

Laura Zambon

Joint project with the Fachinetti
Dahan/Coppey labs.

Laura Caccianini
Postdoctoral fellow

Jérémie Bertrand
M2 student

Former members:

  • Lorena Kolar-Znika, Engineer
  • Chloé Jaubert, Research engineer
  • Dimitrije Milunov, M2 student
  • Laurence Vaslin, Research engineer