Lab members

Antoine Coulon
Group leader

CNRS researcher

Julia Ronsch

Maciej Kerlin
PhD student

Ilham Ladid

Shared with the Drinnenberg lab.

Kyra Borgman
Postdoctoral fellow

Maxime Woringer
Research engineer

Vittore Scolari
Postdoctoral fellow

Candice Arnaud
Master student

Joint project with the Perié lab.



Fanny Delille
PhD student at ESPCI.

Collaboration with T. Pons & N. Lequeux.


Former members:

  • Veer Keizer, postdoc. (now: postdoc at NIH)
  • Jérémie Bertrand, M2 student. (now: PhD student at EPFL)
  • Laura Caccianini, postdoc. (now: postdoc at MIT)
  • Laura Zambon, M2 student / Engineer. (now at Lifeanalytics)
  • Lorena Kolar-Znika, Engineer. (now: Engineer at Institut Curie)
  • Chloé Jaubert, Research engineer. (now: at Atelier des Jours à Venir)
  • Dimitrije Milunov, M2 student. (now: PhD student at Institut Curie)
  • Laurence Vaslin, Research engineer. (now: Engineer at Institut Curie)